men’s club


This is an organization open to all men of the parish 21 years of age and older. It provides fellowship and supports various parish activities when called upon.
Voluntary dues are $25 per year.
Meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

For more information, please contact John Kelly, Men’s Club President, at (702) 444-1857.



marthas & marys


This organization is open to all women of the parish 18 years of age and older.
Meetings are every second Tuesday of the month at 7pm.
These proud Catholic women begin with a prayer and have fun, while also helping to provide assistance in meeting the needs of the parish community.

For more information, please contact Beverly Wilson, Marthas & Marys President, at (615) 509-6355.



junior high & senior high
gym clubs

GYM Club in purple.jpg

GYM —God’s Youth in Motion
These clubs provide opportunities for the youth to become more actively involved with the parish and community.
Meeting times vary. Upcoming meeting dates and times are listed in the bulletin or announced the Sunday before.

For more information, please contact Betsy Fragoso, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, at (702) 657-0200 ext. 214 or email Betsy at



bethany ministry


If you like to plan parties, host events, and prepare scrumptious meals, this is the perfect ministry for you!
This ministry helps with preparing and presenting the SJN 101, our “New Member Welcome Luncheon” in the parish.
Future expansion of this ministry hopes to provide hospitality and/or meals for other parish meetings and smaller gatherings.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office at (702) 657-0200.